Existing Between 2 Forces

we exist between 2 forces and between these two forces we find ourselves. the combination of these two forces, this is nature. creation begins with the second force added to the first force. the result of the encounter is us.
if the force of giving dominates, it is the higher nature, if the force that takes is dominant, we live in the lower reality. we are compelled by nature to decide, who will rule, this force or that force.
is it correct in the first place to say that this one should dominate the other one? after all, all of nature is striving for balance, so here we are talking that one should have dominion over the other. it’s a deep thing.
the balance is in the force of giving being balanced between the upper force and the lower source.

but nothing was created to harm. everything depends on the way that we relate to it. fears, anxieties, falls, all happen to point to what is missing. everything needs to be perceived as essential. whatever happens, it all happens to evolve me and develop me towards my ideal form.
if we only knew where we need to focus and what to leave behind. the judge asks the felon, what kind of judgment should i make for you so that you won’t commit this crime again?
if we could connect all kinds of ekg monitors, lie detectors, etc, we can see precisely where our threshold is. exactly how much punishment (i hate that word) it would take to prevent me from committing this crime again.
however, we see that we don’t get the punishment that we deserve. we have to be our own judge, grow a hatred of our negativity so much so that we run from it.
we are all connected, but we don’t see that. if i yearn to see it this way, then i yearn for the force that connects everything. by trying to connect this puzzle, i am trying to see that by rearranging all of the parts again, i build the image of a complete, harmonious reality.