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"World leaders are sitting on wondrous stockpiles of weapons.  The hungry multitudes are accumulating in terrible masses each day. 

The working class has almost completed its ripeness.
Before the day of struggle comes, there is time for the mind to protect us from complete ruin."

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"The purpose of Creation lies on the shoulders of the whole human race, black, yellow, red and white without any essential difference."


acting upon us and what can we do about it?"

"Who are we,

what are the

invisible forces

You are Here bio

   Seth Breitman opens up ancient wisdom through a modern lens, each person's epic story starting before the Big Bang, spanning through the current world crises all the way to our shared, good future that we must now write.
   In an emotional and pragmatic fashion he takes the reader on an inner journey to the integral solution to humanity's endless emptiness.  

YOU ARE HERE  is his second book. 

Reader Reviews:

"The book provokes the existential questions about who we are, why are we here, what are the invisible forces acting upon us and what can we do about it, what our role is. A must read!" - Daniel

"Before us is a door to understanding the source of all of the pleasures and pains in the world"