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You are Here
  Seth Breitman

Ancient wisdom unfolds before your eyes so you can better see your
present and life and your good future. 
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What you will find in this book

About Book
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The whole method that we are presenting is about attaining the unity of creation.  We don't really know what it is.  But nature promotes us like little children, leading us through all kinds of degrees just like the degrees children go through when they develop.

As we start connecting all the pieces back together, we start to understand the whole system of bestowal that we exist in.  This is precisely what we are engaging in now.

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What Readers Say


"The book provokes the existential questions about who we are, why are we here, what are the invisible forces acting upon us and what can we do about it, what our role is. A must read!"

Paris, France


"It awaked my mind and heart softly and gently. It invites you to look at yourself and your place in the modern humanity. "You are here" is a valuable roadmap back to your source"

Nur Sultan, Kazakstan


"An exhilarating savour for the purpose of creation. Absolutely stunning!"


Buenos Aires, Argentina


"Every person faces deep questions of the meaning of our lives that sometimes we are afraid to ask ourselves"

Lisbon, Portugal


“Are you feeling lost? Seth tells us where we are in a pleasant way. You probably won’t get lost again”

London, UK


"I was simply curious to read "You are here" and it ended up resonating loud with me in a supremely relevant way. Very recommended!"

Quebec, Canada

About the Author

What better thing to do in life than to feel connected to everything in love. And to understand how it is unfolding before us, with our participation.

That is Seth's driving passion and it's felt in his second, more grande book in its reach and depth.

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About Author

“The great spiritual questions that were previously known only to the greatest must be known in various degrees, to all people… Sublime and lofty words must be brought down from their fort”
- Abraham Kook

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